Small group Guided by ex-pros

Indulge yourself with an unforgetable week of cycling, local gastronomy and culture and recharge your batteries

Duration6 days | 5 nights


Discover Bilbao and its surrounding area cycling, guided by local ex-professional athletes.

Relax after the ride thanks to the daily care of an experienced physiotherapist.

Enjoy the most exclusive Basque culinary experience, savouring the typical Basque cuisine in Bilbao´s top restaurants and delighting in the tasting menu of an award-winning Michelin star restaurant.

Visit the world’s first underwater winery and artificial reef and try its wines aged under water.

Go on a private tour of the ultimate modern art museum, the Guggenheim Bilbao Museum.
















Stage 1 – Initial contact.

We leave Bilbao; going up Enekuri we get to Mount Artxanda where we enjoy the best views of Bilbao. We cycle around Artxanda, we descend Vivero and we head towards Erletxes to access the Txorierri.

We go through Larrabetxu, Lezama and Zamudio, Derio, Sondika until we get to Asua. And we go back to Bilbao on the estuary road, passing through the Deusto neighbourhood, where one of Spain´s most prestigious universities stands along with iconic places such as the Lion building.

When we reach Bilbao, we go over the Euskalduna bridge, around the Doña Casilda park, nicknamed, the duck park, and we end up at the Guggenheim, the famous modern art museum designed by the distinguished architect Frank Gehry.

Recreational 50Kms

Stage 2 – Orduña climb.

We set off in Bilbao along the Olabeaga cycle path, heading towards Zorroza. We take the Encartaciones road to Sodupe.

Then we take the Okendo road, a curved false flat towards Amurrio and we arrive at Orduña.

We climb its mythical mountain, enjoying the spectacular views throughout the 8Km of its tough slopes, reaching 14% gradients.

We coast along heading for Peña Angulo and we branch off towards Retes through a spectacular valley until we get to Okendo. We then connect with Sodupe and we go back to Bilbao.

Orduña climb 84 Miles

Stage 3 – Urdaibai´s biosphere reserve.

Setting off from Bilbao and along the estuary, heading towards Asua. From there we go up Lauro, the first gentle ascent to warm up, and then we go down to Mungia. We continue on a flat stretch to Gerekiz, a 2 kilometres mountain ascent. A fast and fun descent for 6 kilometres until we get to Gernika.

This village is famous for the German bombing and Picasso´s painting. From here we cycle towards Kortezubi, we go up Muretagane Auzoa heading towards the Urdaibai Reserve, along the beaches of Laga and Laida. Urdaibai is a Biosphere Reserve that has impressive views.

We head on to Gernika again, and then we climb Errigoiti, a prolonged 5 kilometers mountain, to then go back gradually through Butrón. We go up Unbe and we end up in Bilbao.

Urdaibai biosphere 75 Miles

Stage 4 – Game of Thrones.

Setting off from Bilbao and along the estuary, we head to Asua. From there we go up Lauro, the first gentle ascent to warm up, and then we go down to Mungia.

We take a back road to Markaida and then on to Larrauri. Then we branch off towards Bakio and we continue on the coastal road that leads to Jata, where we can enjoy spectacular views of San Juan de Gaztelugatxe (Game of Thrones).

We continue on the coast heading for the Lemoniz nuclear power station, which was never functioning, to get to the fishing village of Armintza. From here we ride on to Gorliz/Plentzia, a seaside town with lovely beaches.

Finally, we head back to Bilbao along the coast, along the cliffs of Barrika, Getxo, Las Arenas and along the estuary to see its industrial past, ultimately arriving in Bilbao.

Game of Thrones 58 Miles

Stage 5 – The challenge, Urkiola climb.

We set off from Bilbao, go along the estuary heading towards Asua. Then we take the Txorierri until we get to Larrabetzu. We climb another slope of Morga, and then go down Gerekiz heading for Gernika.

We climb Mendata, a prolonged slope, arriving at the Balcón de Biscay/Urrutxu. After a few kilometres coasting along we hook up with the descent of Monte Calvo that takes us to Durango. And here we climb the ascent up to Urkiola the hardest mountain of the whole trip, but also the most beautiful and the one with the richest history.

It is 6 Km without a break, with an average gradient of 9.13% and a maximum gradient of 14%. From the top, we coast along for a few kilometres to then tackle the descent of Dima, one of the longest in the region with 11 Kilometres non-stop of fantastic scenery.

Then we take the road to Igorre, we branch off heading towards Artea, arriving at Zeanuri and finally Bilbao.

Urkiola climb 90 Miles

Stage 6 – Cooling off.

We start off in Bilbao along the Olabeaga cycle path, towards Zorroza. The next place along the way is Encartaciones, where we will enjoy a peaceful road full of nature until we get to Gueñes.

There we branch off to climb the mountain of Umaran and descend towards Sopuerta to climb another short but intense mountain, called Bezi. From Bezi we go down to Balmaseda, to go back to Gueñes and from there to Bilbao again.

Intermediate 48 Miles











  • Accommodation in the 4-star Miró Boutique Hotel located in front of the Guggenheim Museum.
  • Transfer to and from the airport in a private van.


  • Breakfast made on the spot, The Brown Bread Bag at the Hotel Miró.
  • Lunches on the road, including fresh products, drinks, and healthy snacks.
  • Dinners at well-known restaurants in Bilbao, which include an impeccable selection of wines, beer and other drinks.
  • A dinner at the award winning one-star Michelin Mina restaurant.
  • Lunch onboard a boat over the Underwater Winery, which is unique in the world.


  • Well-known professional bicycle brand.
  • Welcome kit, which includes a Bizi Cycle Tours jersey and a water bottle.


  • A bilingual guide (English-Spanish) with lots of experience and knowledge of the area. Our guides are ex-professional athletes.
  • There is always a support van available to provide technical assistance, refreshments, and transportation for any part of the route that you don’t want to cycle through.
  • Daily massage from a professional physiotherapist.
  • Daily laundry for cycling gear.
  • Daily bicycle cleaning.


  • Guided tour of the Guggenheim Bilbao museum.
  • Bilbao´s old town private tour.
  • Personalised photo album of the tour.

Not included

  • Flight tickets to and from Bilbao.
  • Other activities not included in the package and not organized by Bizi Cycle Tours.
  • Accommodation before and after the end of the tour.
  • Personal shopping during the tour.

Group size

Minimum 6 people – Maximum 12 people.


TREK Émonda SL 6 Disc

This bicycle can deal with the toughest mountains, the steepest descents, the tightest curves and the fastest sprints.

The hydraulic disc brakes have great breaking power and control regardless of the type of road and the weather conditions.

Just like the other Émondas, it is designed to be the lightest and fastest in its category.


BH Core Gravelx Carbon 2.6

So lightweight, that you won’t believe that it’s an e-bike. Its frame is made of carbon, with the technology used in the frames of BH’s high-end road bike range.

This bike has a significant autonomy (165Km and up to 220Km) thanks to a combination of low motor consumption and a 540Wh battery.

The Core display is fully integrated into the stem and it features a button that allows you to increase or reduce the assistance level, through an LED colour system.


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