At Bizi Cycle Tours we know that when you travel, you want to explore with all your senses. It´s your time to be looked after and spoiled, it’s your time to get away from the stress and the worries. Leave behind all your meetings, business trips, sleepless nights and fast food.

We would like to offer you a unique, vital, transformative and shared experience. Because sharing is also connecting and there is no better way to connect after a long day than sharing at the table the most delightful Basque food.

For our exceptional guides, no detail is too small, and they won’t hesitate to go off the planned route or take an alternative road to discover somewhere new.


At Bizi Cycle Tours we are obsessed with offering you an exclusive experience. We will take care of all details and we will try to adapt to your tastes and needs during our time together.

As we work with small groups, we will be able to give you all the necessary attention to get to know you better so that we can
surprise you.

We will provide you with accommodation in a Boutique hotel, top sports gear and we will share some unique activities that will definitely impress you.


Our guides are local ex-pros, they are bilingual, and they are very eager to show you their homeland and share with you their experiences at iconic races such as the Kona Ironman, the Tour de France or the Giro de Italia.

But apart from all that, our guides focus is on getting to know each member of the group properly to adapt the tour to everyone’s particular needs and tastes.

Gastronomía vasca con Bizi Cycle Tours


This trip is not only about cycling. At Bizi Cycle Tours, we want to show you Basque gastronomy, which is unique in the world thanks to its richness and diversity.

At breakfast you will enjoy the fresh local products served in your Brown Bread Bag breakfast at the Miró hotel. The local beer tasting or the pintxos will help you recover after the ride.

We will also discover the very latest Basque cuisine at the Mina restaurant, run by the Michelin Star chef, Alvaro Garrido.


The tracks, designed with tender love and care by Virginia Berasategui, are the result of her lifetime training in Bilbao and its surrounding area.

They mix iconic places with quieter roads so that we can enjoy incredible places and stop on the way to indulge yourself with the
delicious local food.


The price includes more exclusiveness and customization than any other luxury cycling tour company.

Ex-professional athletes will be your local guides, you will be looked after by an experienced physiotherapist, you will get to ride top bikes, have dinner at a Michelin star restaurant, visit an underwater winery, get a private visit to the Guggenheim museum and much more.


The Basque Country is a region with unparalleled landscape. We will ride through the mountains, green valleys, along rivers and fine sand beaches with crystal clear water.

The Basque Country is undoubtedly the home of cycling, it is the birthplace of great talents and there is a lot of respect for cyclists on the roads.

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